What we Do

Asorig Studio, with experienced and creative personnels and having experience working in international projects in different fields, is ready to cooperate with teams and companies.

Character Design

This studio has the ability to create a character from an idea to the final product, even from its initial concept to the final coloring and model sheet .

3D Modeling

Our studio has experience of creating 3D characters and 3D locations in different software such as 3dmax and maya , including for games and animations projects.


Rigging for both 3D and 2D projects in ToonBoom Harmony, Moho, 3D Max and Maya software.


Animating in various projects from frame by frame techniques and cut-out to 3D projects in harmony, moho, 3dmax and maya software


Asorig Studio is ready to do advertisement in poster, film and animation sections and commercial, cultural and artistic fields.

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Asorig Studio

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